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Dig Deep Institute

The Dig Deep Institute (DDI) serves as 6 to 8-week classes at 11 am on Sunday mornings (directly following the main service). These classes are a way for individuals in the church to more thoroughly equip themselves in specific areas of ministry and theology that interest them. The classes typically run around 45 minutes, and children are welcome to attend Sunday School during that time. For more information, contact the church office at

Leadership to the Glory of God

Chris Stadler

Our society has continually promoted the downfall of male leadership that God has instituted for His glory. Join Chris as he walks through various leadership principles and how they are understood in Scripture as well as fleshed out in life, all to the glory of God. (Men Only)

A Woman's Wisdom: How the Book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything

Diane Legg

The Book of Proverbs provides a great deal of wisdom for all people. In this class, women are invited to study carefully through this book, with the included resource (a book of the same title). (Women Only)

A Christ-Centered Look at Productivity, Time Management, & Effectiveness

Brandon Sauressig

What are your priorities? Biblically, we have a mandate to prioritize certain aspects of our lives, but we are not always sure what those are. In this class, Brandon will walk through a variety of principles when it comes to organizing our time and our efficiency in life.

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